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About us

Patonyrét J. HEIC
Zmozso A. HEIC

The main goal of the PRO REGIO DANUBIA Civic Association is to create the conditions for general development and a higher standard of living for the population in the area of the Danube Plain.

Our goals:

  • support and development of community life in the fields of culture, education, sports and tourism

  • improving the environment of local people and visitors, contributing to the achievement of sustainable development

  • the development of social life and activities, the organization or joint organization of permanent, recurring or one-off cultural, social, artistic, sports and charity events, as well as events supporting the domestic and foreign presentation of the relevant area

  • helping children, the socially disadvantaged, the disabled (organization of charity events, collections, children's camps, educational, cultural, sports programs and other events)

  • environmental protection, development of environmental awareness

  • protection of traditions, movable and immovable cultural monuments, historical and spiritual values

  • preparation, supervision and implementation of domestic and cross-border projects in environmental protection and other mentioned areas in the Danube region

  • cooperation, exchange of information and experience with other NGOs

  • protection of human rights

  • support and protection of minority cultures and ethnic groups



Rules of our organization

You can read the regulations of our organization in slovak language here. 

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